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Benefits of Dog Grooming

Dog GroomingGrooming a dog is an essential part of dog ownership. Dogs too like human beings need physical maintenance to feel and look their best. Dogs do not require to be bathed regularly but every dog owner must be well aware of how much grooming their dog actually requires and follow a schedule accordingly. Generally, using dog grooming tools largely depend on both the breed as well as the hair type.
Grooming is vital as the physical appearance of a dog influences how he feels and also how we look at him too. Always remember, a healthy dog is one that is happy and healthy. Dog grooming apart from being essential for the dog’s physical health is equally important for his psychological and physiological wellbeing. How a dog acts and feels depends mostly on his physical state.
Depending on the age, health and breed of the dog, grooming must be a regular activity. Few breeds’ need significantly lesser grooming compared to others, but grooming them regularly helps in ensuring that the dog is comfortable and at the pink of health.
How grooming helps?
  • It decreases the chances of several health disorders such as scratches, thrush and other such skin problems.
  • Helps to monitor the dog’s overall health by checking for changes in temperament, lameness, swelling, heat and cuts, all of which can result in illness.
  • Using proper dog grooming tools helps in the overall cleanliness of the dog
  • Reduces infection on the dog’s skin
Benefits of dog grooming
  • Encourages favorable behavior: grooming a dog on a regular basis can help in encouraging favorable or good behavior in dogs. Just as dog training, this too requires a little practice and patience. The shaping of a dog’s behavior largely depends on how a pet owner grooms him. Often dogs do not like to get wet, they either make a mess or panic to enter the bath tub. A proper grooming however can get dogs used to it. Caring hands, loving dog wash and with time, a dog can be habituated to bathing and will no longer face problems staying in a tub.
  • Strengthens the bond amid the dog and the dog owner: the time one spends in interacting with their dog while dog grooming will help to strengthen the bond amid the dog and the dog owner. As one calmly and lovingly reassures the dog, he relaxes and both come in tune with one another.
  • Prevents accidental scratching: using proper dog grooming tools such as nail clippers for trimming dog’s nails helps in preventing dogs from scratching other people accidently. In-grown nails in worse cases are likely to hurt the dog.
  • Keeps dreadful mats at bay: grooming dogs on a regular basis helps in getting rid of the dead hair present on the dog’s fur. This helps in keeping away dreadful mats as well as bringing out the natural sheen.
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Professional Dog Grooming – A Winter Must

$T2eC16N,!ycFIddudqNeBSSIDJny9w~~48_35One of the unfortunate side-effects of the winter season is the drying of the air. With this comes an increased importance for the proper grooming of of your pet.

If you think through the impact the change of weather has on your own hair, keep in mind it will impact your dog in the same way. Dryer, itchier skin is one of the side effects of this colder, dryer air. This leads to greater itching and dander on your clothes and around your home.

Adding a regular visit to a professional groomer is as essential as the home bathing and grooming for the health of your pet and for your sanity.

Professional Dog Grooming – An Investment Worth Making

While it is an investment, professional dog grooming can help save both your dog’s health as well as your sanity. Before closing the door completely, think through why you should consider a professional dog groomer:

Your Dog’s Health – While the first thing anyone thinks about is how clean good looking a professionally groomed dog is, the primary reason any dog owner should consider professional dog grooming is for the health of their dog. Professional dog groomers, like those at Advantage Pet Center, are trained to look for signs of health problems in the skin and on the coat. These can be mild skin irritations, abrasions, lumps, bumps, and patchy baldness, just to name a few. This advanced warning can help save your furry companion’s health, and possible life, not to mention your medical costs when you can address a problem early. This training also helps the dog groomer to identify what kind of shampoos and products are best suited for your pet and his or her particular coat and skin type.

The Right Grooming Equipment & Expertise – When we want to look our best, we forgo the $5 hair cut special, and invest a little more into a well-respected hair stylist. The quality of the experience and service is enough to justify the extra expense. Professional groomers are akin to respected hair stylists. They can help make the experience for your dog much more enjoyable, and your dog will look, and feel, much better than when most of us try to groom them at home.

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Nails

Remember, grooming is more than just baths and brushes. The nails are an important piece to being properly groomed, and can have a huge impact on your dog’s physical health. While you can cut nails at home, or use a drummel to file them down, do you know how to deal with your dog when the nail gets cut too short? Are you causing yourself or your dog injury by trying to hold him on your lap while cutting his nails? This can be a challenging task to those who are unprepared.

Find A Professional Dog Groomer

If you don’t have a regular professional groomer, or aren’t satisfied with them you can find providers in your area through Yelp or, a directory specific to dog groomers.

Ann Stewart has a passion for animals. As owner of Advantage Pet Center, Ann has the pleasure of working with a variety of animals, from dogs to cats to lizards to guinea pigs by offering doggie daycare, cat and dog grooming, and pet boarding for all varieties of pets. With this exposure to animals, Ann is continually looking for ways to help pet owners maintain a happy home for the entire family, and offer tips and suggestions for how to help keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and lovable.

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